Cherry Creek Beats Valor Christian in 2014 State Football Championships

Cherry Creek High School led by all-time High School coaching great, Dave Logan, defeated the 5 year state champions, Valor Christian. The score was 25-24 Cherry Creek. Cherry Creek rushed for a solid 366 yards. Valor Christian managed only 47. Cherry Creek’s Milo Hall was credited with 214 yards rushing and two TDs. If the rushing total stands after film is confirmed and all of that, he will have run for exactly 2,300 yards in 2014. He also ran for 29 TDs this season. Dave Logan’s career record is 228-53 with seven state titles in 10 tries at four different schools. Over its five-season run, Valor is a ridiculous 74-10. The game proved to be one of the best Colorado High School State Championships to this day.


Broncos vs Chiefs

Today the Broncos faced off against the Chiefs and won their game. So far they are 9-3 so far and are still looking promising. So far after their lose against the Patriots, Rams, and Sea Hawks made them really wake up and step it up. The final score was 29 Broncos 16 Chiefs. One of the best parts was the defeated them on there own field. This has put them next to the Patriots and hopefully we can stay up there and surpass them so that we can be number one. We look like we can go back to the Super Bowl and win it this time and not look like a helpless team. I hope that we can pull it off and make people forget about the lose and remember the win that was taken away from us. This will might be my last posting but I am happy to have brought you news and updates on what happened during the games. November 30, 2014

What happened?

Today the Broncos played against the St. Louis Rams and lost with the final score being 7-22. I hope that we don’t have a relapse of what happened toady so that we can go back to the Super Bowl and win this time. Their really isn’t much to say about today’s game but they need to keep their head in the game and keep it their. We all hope that we can win the next couple of games. Not only did our Broncos lose so did the Nuggets. Both fans still have hope foe both to get some more wins during the next couple of games. I don’t have much to say about the games today. I hope that we can get out mind-set on winning our next games and being able to return to the Super Bowl and get the win we deserve. November 16, 2014

Denver polar vortex freezing the pace

My word Denver had a rough week this week. freezing temperatures slippery roads and teams performing badly. The nuggets for a start look flat and unmotivated, i had the pleasure of going to their game Sunday against the trailblazers. The one they got blown out by 25+ points. it was not a good game on the nuggets part. Lawson had a great game with 32 points and we got to see a little of our drafted rookies though. In light of the Avalanche they are becoming one of the worst teams in the NHL, still looking for a spark because theirs no real reason they should be doing this bad. And the broncos lost the rams! our last hope for some wins were shot down when the broncos offense only put up seven points. Manning was inaccurate and they just out hit them. you could see all the effort coming from one sideline. they have Miami next and they have proven to be a handful for some teams this year so the Broncos need to put it behind them. They need to win the rest of the season to make a good run in the playoffs.

Michael Glassman

Sad day for the Raiders

So today the Broncos went up against the Raiders who have a really low following. At the beginning of the game the Raiders seem to have a smile on their face with a couple of points ahead of the Broncos, but the Broncos quickly wiped that smile away. By the second quarter the Broncos scored two touchdowns and getting ahead by 10 points 20-10. Later at the end of the third quarter the score was 41-10. The Raiders scored one more touchdown in the fourth quarter ending the game with the final score of 41-17 Broncos. Did the Raiders really think they can stand a chance against the Broncos. But at least they have some loyal fans who still like to think they can win and take their fourth Super Bowl. I think that we all know who was going to win this game without a doubt. In other sad news the Nuggets are on a losing strike with 1-5 and are disappointing the fans who follow them and believe in them. But we shouldn’t lose hope in them maybe they can get it together and give us a win. All we can do is hope for the best and see if they can bring us more wins than loses. Next time The Broncos play we go against the Rams while the Nuggets go against the Trail Blazers. I think we all know that the Broncos have a better chance to win then the Nuggets not to say they suck but come on look at the record. November 9, 2014. Paul Barajas

Broncos Vs Darth Raiders

Peyton Manning led the Broncos to a 41-17 victory over the most hated team of all time the Oakland Raiders. The Broncos started off slow but but ended up absolutely blowing out the Raiders. The Broncos go on to be (7-2) on the season. The Raiders moved to an (0-9) season. Bummer for the Raiders. Manning has thrown five touchdowns in a single game 9 times, which is the most in NFL history. Manning also leads the NFL in 4 touchdown games with 34, and 3 touchdown games with 91. This is also now his 15th consecutive game with at least two touchdown tosses, which is also an NFL record. Manning went on a hot streak, after last weeks depressing loss to the Patriots, this is what the Broncos needed. Denver running back C.J Anderson scored his first touchdown in this game off a dump pass from Manning that he turned into a 51 yard play. Could this mean the end of the legless Broncos? Broncos face off against the (3-6) St. Louis Rams next Sunday, November 16th at 11:00AM.

Sorry Sports Fans

Sorry sports fans is all the pros can say in Colorado this week. Broncos lost, avalanche lost, nuggets lost, and our neighbors to the east royals lost. needless to say it was rough week for our pros. The broncos looked like they stalled in New England which isn’t really new for the broncos it seems to happen around this time of the season every year and the pats have our number. Manning still breaking and making records but can’t play in the cold. Manning had two picks but one wasn’t really his fault as welker knocked one up into the air allowing it to be picked. But it wasn’t all bad, Hillman is running hard the tow thomas’s hands look good and running well. bad things lost another linebacker to injury and welker is hurt too. They play oakland next and it think they will surely correct mistakes and be more then prepared for the next game. The avalanche don’t look like the team they were last year. having a rough start is hard to understand with how well they did last year, but poor defense and their starting goalie with his issues off the ice seems to be having an effect on the outcomes of these games. Finally the nuggets, its still early for them in the season and not much and be speculated about them really. They did great at home last year but they never seems to do well in the playoffs, we can only hope they can stay healthy and play great team ball which is their game.

Michael Glassman